She Dated two of My Friends at the Same Time, Can I still Date Her?

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confThere is this lady I met on Facebook and We became friends and started chatting regularly. Not long after that, we met each other physically face to face and I discovered that she stays close to my street.

After getting to know her better, we became good friends and I easily fell in love with her not knowing that she was also dating two guys around me. Its been some months now and the two guys have broken up with her.

She broke up with one of the guys not knowing that she is pregnant for him. Now she has given birth and the father of the baby happens to be someone I know. The other guy she was dating is also like a friend to me.

Today my problem is that she is now a single mother and everyone in my area knows about the story of her life also I am a kind of popular guy in our community and I am in love with this lady and she is also ready to date me. But I am scared of what people around us will say if I should go into a relationship with her so I need your candid opinion. Should I go ahead and date her?

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