Help! My Husband Starves Me Of Love Making

Its 9 months now since my husband stopped making love to me. It started like a joke, my marriage is just a about a year old and I think he’s tired. Initially he said he can’t sleep with me while I am pregnant, which I don’t agree with anyway but I just accepted my faith.

During pregnancy sometimes my sex drive is so high and I will beg him but he always refuses. Very soon my baby will be 3 months and my hubby has come up with another excuse of family planning. I have told him the various options available but he’s still not satisfied. From what I can read, his crazy mind is telling him that abstinence is the best option.

This man is driving me crazy. I married as a virgin and I am not even asking for too much, at most once a week. There is no room to be suspicious of cheating but I am beginning to get scared. I have tried all the seductive methods I know of and nothing is working.

We even watch movies that have scenes that will arouse a normal person yet he is not moved. Pls what can I do? Because this issue is driving me crazy and I’m forced to wonder whether he might be cheating on me.

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