I Got Pregnant for Him and He Promised to Marry Me But It Seems that He is No Longer Ready to Do So

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My boyfriend has always been talking about marriage right from the day we started dating. Now I am pregnant for him and he actually was pleased and congratulated me assuring me that after 2 years he would take me and the child in formally.

It is about two years now and he is yet to meet up with his promise. He is not even showing any signs of working towards the plan. This development has caused me so much pain that I cry almost everyday.

I am sad to think he is taking me for a ride because he did so much in the past to make me have confidence in him and hope too.

My distress now is that he is saying he is not financially well to do enough to pay my bride price and wed me formally and take care of our child.

What will I do now that he has dissappointed me. Should I take to the streets and find a means to cater for me and my baby or should I commit suicide? if I choose the latter, I know the baby will suffer, but it will be my vengeance on the father who has betrayed me.

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