My Girlfriend Permitted me to Sleep With Her Friend and Now She is Angry Because I Did It

My girl friend is a virgin and we have been together for about 2 years now and I love her so much. There is this friend of hers who has feelings for me, but I have tried to make her understand that I cannot be involved with her because I am already dating her friend.

Sometime last week, I was very much in the mood and I tried to sleep with my girl but she refused because she is still a virgin and we had a long discussion during which she permitted me to date other girls because whe was not ready to lose her virginity.

This I did and I went to that her friend and I invited her to my room and eventually slept with her. My girlfriend got to know somehow and became very angry with me. When I explained to her that she was the one who gave me the go ahead, she denied it and said she was only joking with me.

Now my problem is that I have been pleading with her to forgive me, but she pays me deaf ears and rejects all my gifts to appease her. I am having double thoughts about the whole affair and thinking of opting out because I am tired of begging her. Please I need your advice on what to do whether to go on pleading with her or quit the affair entirely?

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