12 Ways to Make your Lover Treat you Better and Improve your Relationship

ADs (do your own research):

Experts in human relationships have come up with 12 things that can be done to cause an immediate improvement in romantic relationships. No matter how bad or good your relationship currently is, doing the following can only make it better.

  1. Do not overlook those little things that make your spouse smile.
  2. Tell your lover that you truly love him or her, not because it’s a usual word or you want to use
    him or her, but because you seriously mean and feel it.
  3. Money and love making is not everything; make them feel your presence by creating time for you and them alone.
  4. Be faithful and don’t cheat on your lover.
  5. Let your lover feel appreciated for all his or her effort
  6. Buy for him/her a gift even when she doesn’t expect it from you. Even if it’s not expensive, it
    will mean a lot
  7. Ask your lover to tell you things you can do to improve and better the relationship.
  8. Always have a heart to heart talk with your lover. Be free and open.
  9. Do not make your lover do things against his or her wish.
  10. Be patient and understanding him or her.
  11. Always admit when you are in wrong.
  12. Don’t bring bad friends to your relationship; they may spread forged rumors and give you bad advice which could lead to a break up.

Do you agree with this?

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ADs (do your own research):

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Wat if u try and she does not give u a chance to make it wrk all she says is DAT ve made up my mind it wnt work

Oloyede Israel
Oloyede Israel

Quite enlightening and eduative!

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Upcousre u are right dear