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About DearTiti Ranks

In addition to Levels, Ranks are another way of measuring, recognizing and rewarding active users on

Users receive bonuses and benefits with each new Rank attained. These benefits also spill over to the overall Utterverse Ecosystem where Ranking members will receive more benefits as the Project progresses.

Ranks are strongly correlated to a user’s sharing and referring activity i.e how regularly they share posts and how many new members have visited or registered through their referral links.

These new members you refer must also show some reasonable amount of activity in order for you to get the full referral benefits.

Referring too many inactive accounts will slow down your earnings and may prove detrimental to your earnings in the long run.

Ranks also require additional achievements which are correlated with your regular daily use of the platform.

In general, the fastest way to advance in Rank is to use the platform daily, share posts and also refer as many new members as possible through your referral links.

Click here to learn more about referring, how to locate your referral link and how to view the number of users you have referred,

All new users automatically fall under the lowest Rank of Recruit and rise from there as they share, comment and refer new users and use the platform daily.

With each new Rank attained, new bonuses and content are unlocked. Higher ranked users will also receive special status in the general project ecosystem.

There are 9 Ranks in total. These are listed below in ascending order (from lowest to highest).



  1. Recruit (All New Users)
  2. Corporal
  3. Sergeant
  4. Lieutenant
  5. Captain
  6. Major
  7. Colonel
  8. General
  9. Ambassador

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