After He Refused to Marry Me, He is Now Begging Me to Become His Second Wife

I am a lady of 26 years and I have been dating a married man for the past 6 years. He has done a lot of good things in my life all this time and I on my part always encourage him to also take good care of his family.

To me he is quite God-fearing and has conscience because I noticed that whatever he does or buys for me, he does twice as much for his wife. His only flaw is that he is the jealous type.

Yet I love him so much that I refused to cheat on him and double date and was even prepared to be his second wife because he is a muslim and his religion permits him to have more than one wife.

However when I realised that I was not getting any younger, I started asking him about our future but he always told me that he does not want to marry more than one wife even though his religion allows it. Eventually I decided to have a serious relationship and get married.

I am already in such a relationship with a loving man who is ready to marry me, only that my dilemma is that my friend of 6 years who initially said he won’t marry more than one wife has suddenly changed his mind and he is now asking me to marry him explaining that it was for economic reasons that he had decided not to have 2 wives.

He is now begging me seriously to marry him, but when I recall that I was the one begging him in the past, I become confused as to what to do. Should I quit my current relationship with this new man who is also ready to marry me, or should I settle as a second wife. Your advice is urgently needed.

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