After Helping Her With Money and Gifts She Does Not Want to Date Me

I am 21 years old and courting a young lady of 20 years. We met when I was in my third level at the university. She was my course mate.

Before we started dating, I had asked three of my friends to try and get her phone number, but they were not courageous enough to even approach her.

The reason was simply that this girl is smashingly beautiful and her beauty intimidated almost every guy that beheld it. But I checked myself inwardly and saw that I have enough charisma and wherewithal to sustain a relationship with her.

One fortunate day I bumped into her and she was all alone. I approached her, we got talking and I eventually got her phone number. I called her later that day and she seemed pleased to receive my call. By this time I had concluded from my observations that she possesses a good character and seemed sociable.

I started falling in love with her gradually and was very sensitive to her plight. That was how I found out she was not on good terms with her room mate who chased her out of their apartment.

Although she had gotten a new room, she was now broke after paying the rent and furnishing it. All these things were making her sad and dejected. So I helped her with the little money I had which I was supposed to use as part of my school fees. I gave her some money and stocked her house with food stuff so that she could be happy.

Not long after, I asked her out and she said that I should give her time to think about it.

By this time I was already madly in love with this girl so when she finally gave me an answer, I was totally devastated because she rejected my proposition explaining that she already has two boyfriends who she loves very much as much as they love her.

She said that she was even contemplating marrying one of them and that she was not ready to make anymore committments.

It is very unfortunate for me, because my ego has been smashed, my pride rubbished and my person insulted because somehow I feel used and disappointed. I don’t know what to do now, whether to blame myself for falling for her so easily or keep trying to persuade her to settle for me.

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Don’t feel bad, it’s one of those things. Don’t force her to date u, else u will become her toy because u won’t want to give up.
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