Although I am Married, I’m in Love With a Single Mother and Tempted to Cheat on My Wife

I am a 35 year old male, and I got married to my girlfriend of two years about three years ago. She is twenty-five and has a baby girl for me.

Last year September I met a pretty girl at a friend’s party, and I got somebody to introduce her to me. She is twenty-two and very beautiful. Before we left the party that night my friend’s girlfriend came to me and told me that this young lady was pregnant and she was looking for whom to pin the responsibility on because she is known to be reckless in their neighbourhood therefore I should be careful.

Although I was surprised by this warning, I was not discouraged. I asked this girl out and she told me to give her time to think about it. That night at the party we did not have time to exchange numbers and I don’t know her house. Moreover I had to travel out of town for some business and I spent close to a year before I returned.

Well after that night I never set eyes on this girl again until recently when I accidentally bumped into this young lady. She was still looking as pretty as ever and it did not look like she had a child. My feelings for her were stirred up again and when we talked, she seemed ready to date me now.

I took her out one day and she told me everything about herself, how she had a nine months old baby and how the father had denied it and abandoned them to travel abroad.

I was touched by her honesty and I also opened up to her that I was married with a kid myself.

My problem now is that my conscience is judging me whether I am not taking advantage of this young lady because she seems helpless financially to cater properly for herself and the baby, because she is not from a well to do family background. on two or three occasions, I have supported her financially and she always seemed grateful. I must say that I have not slept with her as I am typing this letter.

What do I do and think. I feel she is agreeing to date me so that she can use me as a means of supporting her child that is not mine, and on my part I am thinking whether it is morally right to date this young mother (who probably still has some feelings for the father of her child) and cheat on my wife. I also keep thinking of the warning from my friend’s girlfriend at that party and I wonder if she is still like that and if so how many other guys she’s probably seeing at the same time.

I’m so confused now, Should I forget about the affair and move on with my life especially since I have not compromised her. I do have real feelings for her and I sympathise with her plight because of her baby because I am a father too. But is she worth cheating on my wife for? What should I do now?

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before u think of having an extramarital affair read proverb 22verse 14,sexual sins have destroyed and wasted many,don’t let it waste u,d Bible also says that two will become one flesh by the time u leave ur wife to sleep with anoda woman u are fragmenting ur life,if she could accept to date u when she knows u have a wife,don’t u think she can do anything to have u even if it means harming ur wife,i stand to debunk the statement u made,she is not worth cheating on your wife.


that is lust and as soon as u date her it wont take long before u damp her since u are married.just let go!!!
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