My Boyfriend Denied his Pregnancy but Now He Wants me Back

dt2 - CopyMy boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years now. He is 30 and I am 24. He is in final year but I’ve not been able to gain admission into the University yet. When we started dating it was just for fun. Last year we decided to make it serious and we both got introduced to both our families. I was working so i don’t ask him for anything because he is a student.

Early this year i found out that he was begging his ex to get back together. I confronted him about it, he apologized and promised never to do it again. But anytime i check his timeline, he is still begging her.

At one point I found out that I was pregnant and we decided to abort it. I tried using drugs but it didn’t work, i told him to give me money 4 D & C because i was broke then. I told him that if it gets to 4months, I’m keeping it because it will be too risky.

All this while he was still begging his ex. Eventually I decided to break up with him, that’s when he gave me the shock of my life that he is not responsible for the pregnancy. My mum got involved, we told his elder brother; he accepted it but said we will go for a DNA test & i agreed to it.

The pregnancy is now 6months, I’ve been taking care of it myself, my parents have been very supportive. He doesn’t want his mum to know yet because it will affect his schooling; my parents agreed.

Now he wants us to get back together. I still love him, but it seems that he has reconciled with his ex and I can tell that they are probably getting involved with each other but my mum wants me to be with him because of the pregnancy. Now I am so confused. Should I go back to him or not?

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