My Boyfriend is Just too Jealous and Does not Trust Me

nayouI am 21 years old and my guy is 26. We both love each other so dearly, the only snag is that he is a very jealous lover. It is so bad that he dare not see any clothes or jewellery on my body other than the ones he bought for me, even down to underwears.

I must not wear anything that he has never seen before or that he didn’t buy for me. If I do he will start saying that I am cheatin on him and whether there was anything that I requested from him that he didn’t give me.

In fact his jealousy sometimes makes me start thinking that maybe he doesnt love me. Imagine he even went as far as saying that if his jealosy will make him lose me he wont stop because he just can’t allow me cheat on him..

He is only perfect in the money aspect. He provides for all my financial needs and I don’t have any complaints there. Indeed I am very grateful to him for all he has done for me financially. Sadly he never considers my feelings when it comes to his jealousy. All he does is just to get angry and accuse me wrongly.

But to God who created me I swear that I have never cheated on him and I’m not even tempted at all. That’s why I am so confused and almost getting fed up now and I really need to know what I can do to make him trust me.

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