I Broke Up With Him Because he Had No Job, But I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

nonhapHow can someone get over an ex who she was once in a relationship with. We dated for 3 years, I broke up with him on the terms of his age and the fact that he had no stable job and I didn’t know how long it will take for him to be ready to settle down because he still depends on his parents.

He is 25, just graduated and still looking for a job. I am already 24 and I don’t think I can wait for him to be ready for marriage.

It was a non sexual relationship and he was very understanding. I was (and still am) a virgin and was not ready and he waited for me. Till the end he respected my stance without forcing or talking me into it. A real gentleman that women of all ages would die for and he chose me.

It has been 2 years after we broke up now but I still see myself calling and visiting him, on friendship terms. He is not happy about it, he gets broken the more, but I know he has a spot for me, that is why he always give me a shoulder to lean on.

Even after dating 3 people, I think about him all day. Am I being selfish? Should I reconsider?  Advice me please.

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