She broke up with Him Because She is 7 Months Older than Him

boygirlI have a lady friend who fell in love with a guy that she met online via a social network. Luckily for them they both lived in the same town before she left for school in another city. The only small issue was that she was older than the guy with 7 months.

Notwithstanding the age thing, it was never an issue at that time because this guy was so caring, handsome and madly in love with my friend despite the fact that it was my friend that asked him out herself and the guy accepted her because he never wanted to hurt her feelings and also wanted to encourage her.

They were great in the first few months to the extent that people envied them and even predicted that they might end up getting married. This guy took care of everything my friend needed when processing her school admission and all this time my friend knew about the age difference but maybe she knew what she was doing and just wanted to use him or she was blindfolded with love, I can’t say!

After 18 months of their relationship my friend changed her behavior and her attitude towards this guy which made him to be soaked in tears everyday. But my friend was so cruel to the extent that she never looked at his side and only told the guy she still loves him simply because he was the one that took her virginity.

According to my friend the guy’s love was genuine and not just a for her body yet she told me she cursed the day she gave her virginity to him that if this guy leaves her for anyone else he will regret his life. Oddly enough, not long after this, she broke up with him, citing the age difference as the biggest factor but maybe she had other reasons.

When my friend broke up with him, in tears the guy called me and started asking me lot of questions such as Is there anything wrong in loving anyone older than you? Is it an abomination or constitutionally unacceptable? Can’t it work?

And my own question is this won’t the curse backfire on my friend because she had cheated on this guy who she cursed the day she gave her virginity to. She was even double-dating before she left the relationship and this guy is even having the fear of whether the curse won’t affect his future?

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