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Key Things to Note

  • depends on advertisements to generate the revenue needed to grow the platform and provide value for the earned cryptocurrencies.
  • It is therefore very important that users see the adverts being displayed.
  • If you are not seeing adverts when you login to share and earn, you may not receive the correct rewards or you may not be able to withdraw everything you have earned when the time comes because the system may deduct from your balance some of the crypto that was earned when there were no adverts showing on the website.
  • A common reason for not seeing adverts is as a result of the type of internet browser you are using or the settings of the browser.
  • Because of this, not all internet browsers are recommended for use with
  • A general rule of thumb is that if you are not seeing multiple adverts when using the platform, your activities are probably not effective and may lead to deductions from your earnings.
  • If you are not seeing these adverts it means that you probably have ad blocking turned on or you are using a wrong / unsupported browser.


Recommended Supported Browsers

  • Browsers you CAN USE include: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  • These browsers must not have ad blocking and must have cookies and javascript turned on
  • Browsers NOT to use include “privacy focused” browsers like Brave, Decentr, Opera Mini, Phoenix etc
  • Some of these privacy focused browsers have options to modify the default settings to allow adverts or whitelist specific domains.
  • If you are able to edit the settings to allow domain adverts then you may use them.
  • Some will allow you to whitelist certain domains so add to the whitelist and then you can use them.
  • If you are able to set or configure your browser to display all ads on then you may use it to earn (as long as you are able to see multiple adverts while on the DearTiti website).


General Browser Requirements

  • Turn off any ad blocking settings or extensions or whitelist
  • Configure the settings to allow adverts for domain.
  • Whitelist in malware and other software to allow adverts for
  • Enable cookies.
  • Enable Javascript.


Useful Links

ADs (do your own research):