Confession: I Have Feelings for My Childhood Friend and My Wife Doesn’t Know

There is a lady of thirty-three who I have been friends with from childhood. I am thirty-six and married with two children, while she is a single mother but not married.

We grew up together as next door neighbours in our neighbourhood and both our families usually refer to us as ‘husband and wife’ while we were growing up, because we were so close.

At a time we both went our separate ways and lost contact and when we met again things had already changed as we were both committed to different spouses. I never asked this girl for a relationship right from time even though we both knew we nursed strong feelings for each other.

My problem now is that since we established contact again we are always communicating on phone and online. She sends complimentary text messages to me and I respond likewise- our old feelings for each other are evidently coming up again and it seems that we both cannot help ourselves as it is obvious that something may spark up a more intimate relationship if we continue like this.

My fear is whether we wont both be making a mistake by getting involved now when we had our chance all those years. Again I am considering the fact that I may loose if things go wrong because I still love my wife and family and I don’t want to hurt or loose them. As for this young lady she really has nothing at stake as she is unmarried and care free enough to do something stupid like getting pregnant for me. She had actually mentioned earlier that she would still like to be my wife.

Should I walk away now that I still have the chance or do I go ahead and start an affair and hope we will both be matured about it. But I dont trust this lady’s intention.

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