DearTiti Grant Update #2

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Hello dear friends, compliments of the season.

As promised earlier, here is the second update regarding the 2022 DearTiti SME Grants Program.

As some of you are already aware, the Google Form that was being used to collect applications for the grant was closed by Google.

The reason being that we collected usernames through the form which we have now been made to understand is in violation of their Terms of Service that prohibits the collection of usernames through Google forms.

After several attempts at appealing the closure and explaining that the usernames being collected are for a website which we own and not for a third party, they have so far still refused to re-open the Form.

Unfortunately, this means that we no longer have access to all the 700+ Grant applications collected through the form.

We had not made a backup due to the assumption that the data would always be available for retrieval from Google. Sadly we were wrong and now all the applications are inaccessible.


So What Happens Now?

So far, we have performed only one draw for the first $2,500 award and there are 8 more draws left.

But now that we have lost all the previous applications, we are left with no choice but to collect new applications.

So if you are still interested in the grant, you will need to reapply even if you applied before. If you have not applied previously you may also apply.


About the New (Re-)Application Process

This time around, the application shall be less challenging so that those who have applied before can repeat their application without too much stress. In this version (V2), you no longer need to answer any quiz, all you have to do is just fill the new application form.

Applications will be judged mainly based on your business description and planned usage of the grant funds. Those that make sense will be shortlisted after which winners will be selected from the shortlist through a series of random draws.

There will be 8 draws in total and these draws shall not all be held at once but spread throughout February 2023. The final draw will be held on the last day of February.

So if you are not picked in one draw you still have the chance to be picked in 7 other subsequent draws.

Those who are picked will be contacted directly and sent their prize. When all the draws have been completed, the list of winners will be posted.

To allow everybody enough time to reapply, extra time has been added to the previous deadline so the new deadline is January 31st 2023.


How to Re-Apply for the grant (Using the New Form):

You must log in before you can access the new form. Two simple steps:

Steps to Re-apply:

Deadline is January 31st, 2023

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We appreciate your understanding and continued patience.

Please Contact support if you have questions or other feedback

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