Do You think He Still Loves Me?

ADs (do your own research):

I am a student at a polytechnic. I met this guy earlier this year and we started dating. At the time, he didn’t have a job, but he told me his situation and we prayed together. Within that month, he got a job though in another city.

Before he got the job, he used to call me countless times every day, but now he doesn’t call me anymore. I am the one who always calls him now. What annoys me the most is that he picks up my calls whenever he wants and if I complain, he tells me not to be annoyed because his job takes up a lot of his time.

I haven’t seen him in months and if I tell him that I want to see him, he always has an excuse. Sometimes, if I call him late at night, a lady will answer the phone. When I ask him about it, he says the call just diverted and that he didn’t give anyone his phone.

Last three weeks when we spoke, I told him that I was totally broke and that my parents are going through some financial problems and can’t help me right now. He told me to send him my bank account number, which I did.

But since then he stopped picking up my calls and when I call him from a different number, he will pick up and tell me he will call me back but he never does.

This is the first time I have asked him for money. I have never done anything wrong to him and he used to say that himself. I have searched my heart but I can’t find where I might have offended him.

Until now, he doesn’t call or pick up my calls. He is someone who claims to love me and I love him so much. I can’t love anyone else since I met him. I am faithful to him and we only got intimate once. I am preparing for exams and I can’t focus on studying because I keep thinking about him. I don’t want to lose this guy.

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Please, do you think this guy still loves me or am I just wasting my time?

ADs (do your own research):

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John Kevwe
John Kevwe

That’s human nature for you, that guy probably doesn’t love you anymore and has learnt to forget about you, I know it may hurt but I advice you to forget about him too and move on regardless of what you did for him