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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the more frequently asked questions about


How Does DearTiti Work?

DearTiti is a free website where you can earn cryptocurrencies daily by sharing, commenting and doing simple, fun tasks. It is currently the easiest way to get free cryptocurrency online and can be done on any device. For full details of how it works, click here.


Who Can Register?

Anybody who is 18 years and above from any country in the world may register. All you need is an existing Facebook or Google/Gmail or Yahoo account and optionally a Twitter account.


How Much to Register? Any Hidden Fees?

Registration is completely free. Earning is completely free. There are no hidden fees.


Will I Need to Pay for Anything?

No, Everything is free. All you need to do is to join for free and then start sharing posts and doing other activities that you will get paid for. Click here for all the ways you can earn on DearTiti.


What Countries are Allowed to Join?

All countries of the world are allowed to register.


Is there any Age Requirement for Joining?

You must be 18 years and above to join.


Do I Need any Special Equipment or Hardware?

No, you do not need any special equipment or hardware.


What Device do I Need?

You can use any smartphone or tablet or desktop PC or laptop computer.


Do I Need to Download Any App or Software?

No You do not need to download any app or software. All you need is any internet browser (with cookies enabled and no ad blocks).


What Browser Should I Use?

Recommended browsers you may use include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Make sure there is no ad blocking and cookies are enabled. Click here for more on recommended browsers.


What Browser Should NOT be Used?

You CAN NOT use privacy focused browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. Click here to read more on recommended browsers.


How Can I Join / Register?

You may register by visiting the DearTiti website and clicking on any of the Connect buttons on any of the pages, then authorizing your social media account and then selecting a username. See more details and steps on how to register here.


Can I Create More than One Account?

No you may not create more than one account. Only one account is allowed per person. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and could lead to all your accounts getting banned and all earnings lost. You are only permitted to create another account if you lose access to your current account.


How Do I Log in?

To log in, click on any of the Connect buttons for whichever social network platform you are using to register and follow the on-screen instructions. 

What do I do After Joining?

To ensure that you receive all the benefits that you may qualify for in the future, make sure to do the following steps right after you register:

STEP 1. SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to the platform through any of the subscribe boxes displayed or via the subscribe page here. Enter your email in the given box and click subscribe. After clicking subscribe, You must then go to your email inbox and look for a confirmation email that will be sent to you. If you don’t receive it after some minutes, check your spam, bulk or promotions folder. Make sure to open this email and click the given link or button to confirm your subscription.

STEP 2. FOLLOW DEARTITI: After subscribing, the next step is to follow the official DearTiti social media accounts. You can find these social accounts listed on this page (click here and scroll down the page). You can also find the official social accounts by scrolling down any page or story to locate the section header that says in Bold “Follow DearTiti”.

Follow on as many social media platforms that you are a member of. If you are not a member of all the listed networks try to follow on at least one of them. More networks will be added in due course. Sometimes we check and if the winner of a prize is not following DearTiti on any of the social channels they will not receive their prize.

The two steps above are compulsory pre-requisites for receiving many prizes so make sure you do them as soon as possible after joining. Doing them also helps to grow the community and push us ever closer to the 2 million subscriber target.

STEP 3. LINK YOUR OTHER SOCIAL ACCOUNTS: This 3rd step is not compulsory but it is very important if you do not want to lose access to your DearTiti account and earnings. Linking your Deartiti account with your other social network accounts will allow you to connect (log in) using any of those social accounts. This is very useful in the event where you lose access to one of your social accounts.

For example, if you registered on DearTiti using your Google account, you should try to also link your DearTiti account to the other available connecting social networks (Facebook and Yahoo). Even if you don’t already have an account with those networks, try to create one and link it to your DearTiti.

Linking is extremely important because if you lose access to the main social account that you normally use to connect to DearTiti, you will no longer be able to log in unless your DearTiti account is linked to another social network.

To link your account, go to the Edit Account (or Account details) link under Accounts in the main menu. You can also access the page directly here (you must be logged in).

On the Edit Account page, you will see Link buttons for the various available networks (Facebook, Google, Yahoo). Click on anyone you wish to link, a popup will appear asking you to log in to that network or to Allow/authorize deartiti. Just follow the onscreen instructions and your account will be linked instantly. You will be able to log in to your DearTiti account using any of the networks you have linked. Note that you cannot link one social network account to more than one DearTiti account.

STEP 4. START SHARING and REFERRING: After doing the three steps above, you can then begin to read stories, share, comment, refer and do the other daily activities to earn. The more you participate, the more you will earn and the more bonuses and extras you will receive. Sometimes you may even qualify for an occasional cash prize or free airdrop so keep participating and keep earning.

To find the posts that you can share, visit the home page at and scroll down the page to view the latest stories and articles. Click on any of them to view the full article. Any story or article that has a Tweet or Share button at the end of it can be shared to earn. Scrolling down the platform you will also find various other lists of stories like featured, popular etc.

As long as the full article or story has the share/tweet button at the end of it, you can share it to earn. Make sure you use the share or tweet button when sharing and note that you only earn for the first five shares (tweets) on Twitter daily and first five shares on Facebook daily. Click here for all the other various ways you can earn on DearTiti.


What are the Official DearTiti Social Media Channels?

Below are the links of the official DearTit accounts you are to follow (according to Step 2 above). These are the only official DearTiti social accounts so be careful of fake scam accounts and profiles. Make sure you follow these after joining so that you can qualify for extra bonuses. And note that admins will never message, DM or PM you first.

(Note: There’s not much content on the social channels right now but they will be put to more active use as time goes on.)

Twitter@MyDearTiti => Link (click here)

Telegram Channel@DearTiti =>

Instagram@mydeartiti  =>

YouTubeDearTitiCrypto => Link

Facebook:  DearTiti =>


How do I Start Earning?

After registering, you can earn by logging in daily, sharing posts to Twitter and Facebook and doing other simple tasks. Click here for full details on all the ways you can earn on DearTiti.


Where do I Find the Posts that I am to Share?

Any article, post or story on DearTiti which has a share or tweet button (or both) at the end of it can be shared or tweeted to earn. Most articles and stories on DearTiti can be shared to earn. You will find the most recent ones by visiting the site homepage directly at or clicking here. While there, scroll down and go through the different posts (click the title to open the full post and share using the share / tweet buttons).

You may share any post from any date as long as you do not share the same post more than once on the same day (i.e within a 24 hour period). Scrolling down the platform you will also find various other lists of stories like featured, popular etc. Make sure you use the share or tweet button when sharing and note that you only earn for the first five shares (tweets) on Twitter daily and first five shares on Facebook daily. Click here for all the other various ways you can earn on DearTiti.


How do I Check My Earnings?

You can see all your earnings by checking your DearTiti Wallet. You must be logged in (connected) to access your wallet and view your earnings. To access your Wallet, log in and from the menu click on Wallet. You can also access it directly after logging in by clicking here.


What Happens if I Lose Access to My Social Media Account Used to Connect?

If you lose access to your social media account, you will not be able to log in to your DearTiti account. To avoid losing access to your DearTiti account even if you lose access to your social media account, try to link your other social media networks to your DearTiti account so that you can log in to DearTiti using any of them. Doing this will ensure that even if you lose access to one social account, you will still be able to log in to your DearTiti account using any other linked networks. You can link your other social media accounts through your DearTiti edit account page. You can access this page by clicking on Edit Account under Account from the menu or clicking here while logged in.


I Clicked on PLAY / SPIN / CLAIM and the Icon Keeps Spinning and Won’t Stop

If this continues for up to two minutes, make sure that you are online then refresh/reload the page and try clicking again. The most common reason for this is either you are offline or the system has logged you out automatically.


When Can I Withdraw / Sell My Earned Cryptocurrency Coins?

Presently, the cryptocurrencies that you are mining are in a pre-mined state and not yet connected to the blockchain so they exist only on the DearTiti platform for now. When the number of email Subscribers gets to 2 Million and daily site visitors 100,000, then the currencies will be minted on the blockchain and listed on Decentralized Exchanges so that you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet and sell or hold if you wish. (This does not apply to the crypto which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)


Why So Many Adverts on the Platform?

The DearTiti economic model is primarily based on advertising revenue. Showing adverts from third party advertising services is how most of the funds required to maintain the platform, boost liquidity and provide greater value for the cryptocurrencies are being generated.

This is the trade-off that has to be made in order to provide such a free and easy to use income source for public use. If you are concerned about data privacy issues, be rest assured that your privacy is taken very seriously and measures have been put in place to ensure the anonymity of any data collected. Kindly see the privacy policy for what data is collected from you when you visit and how that data is stored and used.


What is the Platform Revenue Share?

35% of the revenue from adverts is used to maintain the platform, pay developers and build new platforms and applications as set out in the roadmap. 25% will be used for providing liquidity when the tokens are listed on exchanges for trading, 10% will be vested in the project’s treasury for creating a Trust Fund to ensure the longevity of the entire Project, 10% will be used to invest in other cryptocurrencies and promising projects while 20% will continuously be re-distributed to community members based on their Membership level, Experience Points (XP), how much crypto they have earned on the platform and how much governance tokens they hold. All these percentages are subject to change as the project grows and matures but for this pre-mining stage, the above revenue share is what is in place.


Can I Advertise on DearTiti?

Yes you can advertise your product, service or brand on DearTiti. Click Here for how to advertise.


How Can I get More Pre-Mined DearTiti Cryptocurrencies?

You can get more by purchasing Booster Packs or Combo Packs from the Online Shop here.


How do I Buy and Pay on the Online Shop?

Click Here for how to buy items and make payments on the DearTiti Online Shop.


What are NFTs and Why should I own Some?

You can also earn Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on DearTiti. NFTs are a new kind of crypto-based asset that is generally unique or of a limited quantity.

The NFTs you earn on DearTiti are pre-mint which means they are not yet fully activated and as such cannot be withdrawn yet. In the future, all NFTs you own on DearTiti will be fully activated and connected to the blockchain so that you can withdraw them and start making use of them or sell on NFT marketplaces.

Being an owner of DearTiti NFTs will come with many benefits in the future that will allow you to earn more crypto, receive more bonuses, play in the games and participate in the Metaverses that we plan to develop in the future. NFTs also give the owner special rights and recognition in the ecosystem: these rights vary depending on the quality, collection and rarity of the NFT in question. Read more about DearTiti NFTs here.


How Can I Obtain DearTiti NFTs?

You can get them by buying specific Booster Packs from the Online Shop that contain NFTs. You can see a list of them here.


How do I Check my Earnings?

Log in and Click on Wallet from the Main menu. On mobile, click on the menu icon (the three lines in the top right hand corner). This will slide out the menu. From there click on Wallet and you will be taken to your DearTiti wallet where you can view your account balance and other points. You can also access your wallet by logging in and clicking here.


Can I Transfer My Earnings and NFTs to Another DearTiti Account?

No you cannot.


How Do I Get Help if I Encounter Problems with the Platform?

You may visit the Help Center for links to helpful resources. Click here to visit the Help Center. If you are unable to find answers in the Help Center, you may also contact Support via the details provided on the Contact Page here. (Note that due to the large number of emails received daily, it may take several days before you get a reply when you contact Support).


How do I Get Updates and Latest Info about DearTiti?

The best way to get updates is to subscribe to the DearTiti email newsletter and follow the official accounts on social media. Click here for details on how to Subscribe and Follow DearTiti.


Can I Close or Delete My Account? How?

Yes you can delete your account and any personal data we hold about you. This can be done from the Account page and does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes. On deleting your account, all points and cryptocurrency earnings are also deleted. Note that deleting an account is final and irreversible. A deleted account can not be reinstated or revived.


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