Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions that people asked us. See if your question is among these:

I tried to Login But it still Says I’m Logged Out

This may be due to caching from your network provider. If you notice such an occurence it’s most likely you are already logged in. To solve this, try to log in again with the login button and if it still shows you logged out then look for any link or story on the page and click it to go to another page or another story. Doing this will refresh the cache and you will see that you are now showing as logged in. If you continue experiencing this challenge please contact support.


I tried to Logout But it still Says I’m Logged In

This is similar to the issue above and also caused by caching of the website by your network provider. If you experience this, try to log out again. If after logging out the second time you are still seeing that you are logged in, it’s most likely you are already logged out. To solve this look for any link or story on the page and click it to go to another page or another story. Doing this will refresh the cache and you will see that you are now showing correctly as logged out. If you continue experiencing this challenge please contact support.


How can I secure my Account and my Funds?

For now the best way is to always make sure you log out after using the website and ensure that you have a PIN or password or other security lock mechanism on your device. These are not fool proof measures so general security consciousness is also advised. Part of our roadmap is improving the platform security so we shall be introducing additional security features and measures in the future to safeguard funds and accounts. Another recommended way to safeguard your funds is to change your password after logging in for the first time. You can do this by visiting the Profile link.


Can I Transfer My Earnings and NFTs to Another Account?

Not yet. This feature is planned for the future so check back here for updates.


What will I Earn on How do I get Paid?

Payments are made with various cryptocurrencies. As of now you can earn three different kinds of cryptocurrencies but more will be added in the future.

These cryptocurrencies you are paid with are the project’s native cryptocurrencies which are currently in pre-mining phase which means you cannot withdraw them yet. They can only be withdrawn when the platform’s subscribers hit One Million.

That is when the currencies will be officially listed on public exchanges to be bought and sold or exchanged for other currencies. When we get to 1 Million Subscribers you will be able to start withdrawing your earnings to your crypto wallet and/or exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies or to fiat i.e normal cash sent to your account.

For now your crypto earnings can only be spent on the platform but there are occassional cash prizes which you can cash out to your bank immediately if you win them.


What are NFTs and Why should I own Some?

You can also earn Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on DearTiti. NFTs are a new kind of crypto-based asset that is generally unique or of a limited quantity.

The NFTs you earn on deartiti are pre-mint which means they are not yet fully activated and as such cannot be withdrawn yet. In the future, all NFTs you own on DearTiti will be fully activated and connected to the blockchain so that you can withdraw it and start making use of it or sell it on an NFT marketplaces.

Being an owner of DearTiti or Kudiworld NFTs will come with many benefits in the future that will allow you to earn more crypto, receive more bonuses, play in the games and participate in the Metaverse that we plan to develop in the future. NFTs also give the owner special rights in the ecosystem: these rights vary depending on the quality and rarity of the NFT in question.

NFTs can also be traded so you may decide to sell yours later when the vakue has risen. We are selling the NFTs at very cheap rates now compared to their true value and we believe that in the future they will be worth far more than they are being sold now so buying our NFTs now will pay you immensely when our ecosystem has matured. Read more about NFTs.

See a detailed breakdown of how and what you earn for various actions and activities.


How do I Check my Earnings?

Click on “Wallet” from the Main menu. On mobile, click on the menu icon (the three lines in the top right hand corner). This will slide out the menu. From there click on “Wallet” and you will be taken to your wallet where you can view your account balance, and other earnings. In the future more features will be added to the wallet that will allow you to transfer or withdraw your earnings.


Where do the Funds Come From?

Most of the revenue is generated from adverts which are displayed on many of the pages and posts. This is why there seems to be lots of adverts sometimes in unsightly places.

Unfortunately these adverts are a necessary evil at this stage because the revenue generated from them will be instrumental in moving the project forward at a faster rate.

The plan is to eventually phase out most of the 3rd party advertising and instead focus on developing our own less obtrusive advertising system.

Either way, advertising is a core part of the business model of this sub-section of the overall ecosystem. Other sub-sections will not be so much reliant on display advertising for revenue.

Other ways that funds are generated includes the sale of VIP memberships, NFTs and other digital items. To learn more about our NFTs click here.


Revenue Share

35% of the profits will be used to maintain the website, pay developers and build new platforms and applications as set out in the roadmap. 25% will be used for providing liquidity when the tokens are listed on exchanges for trading, 10% will be vested in the project’s treasury for creating a Trust Fund to ensure the longevity of the entire Project, 10% will be used to invest in other cryptocurrencies and promising projects while 20% will continuously be re-distributed to community members based on their Membership level, Experience Points (XP), how much crypto they have earned on the platform and how much governance tokens they hold. All these percentages are subject to change as the project grows and matures but for this pre-mining stage, the above revenue share is what is in place.


How Much to Join and start earning?

Joining is free.


Who can join?

Anybody of age 14 and above from any country in the world can join. All you need is a Facebook or Google account. However note that some of the content is rated 16+ but there is no explicit or adult content as we strive to be as family friendly and as “safe for work” as possible.


What do You need to join and start earning?

All you need to join and start earning are:

  • Access to the internet with a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • About an hour a day (or less). The more time you spend the more you are likely to earn
  • A Google account or Facebook account for logging in. (Your facebook account must have more than 20 or more friends)
  • For additional income, having a Twitter account with 20 or more friends will be beneficial but it’s not a mandatory requirement. Having a Twitter account that you can share posts to will increase your earnings so not having one is just like throwing money away.
  • A Telegram account is not compulsory but following our telegram channel will allow you to receive latest updates and exclusive bonuses meant for only Telegram followers therefore having a Telegram account and following deartiti official announcement channel could help to increase your earnings
  • Having an instagram account is not a must but if you follow deartiti on instagram you will be eligible for exclusive instagram only bonuses therefore having an instagram account and following our instagram, though not compulsory, could increase your chances of earning more.


How do I earn on DearTiti?

You earn when you participate on by sharing posts to your Facebook or Twitter account. You also earn by logging in daily, Referring new members, commenting useful comments on posts and completing Bonus Tasks like playing mini-games, taking quizzes, watching videos, viewing ads etc. You can view the current list of all active Bonus tasks by clicking the $$$ link in the menu or by clicking here.

When can you withdraw your earnings?
You will be able to withdraw your earnings after we get to 1 Million Subscribers. Right now we are in pre-mining phase and The cryptocurrencies that you earn can only be used on the platform for now. When we get to 1 Million subscribers they will be made available by listing on public exchanges so that you can withdraw and sell them or keep them in your wallet.

Warning: Beware of scam listings of our tokens right now on any public exchanges. They have not yet been listed and they are not yet available for sale. Check the following link to know when they are available and what their real contract addresses are.

NFTs on the platform right now are pre-minted NFTs and not yet connected to the Blockchain. In due course, all pre-minted NFTs will be connected to the Blockchain at which time you can start trading them on NFT market places. Right now most NFTs issued via fall into this category. However some already minted NFTs may be issued as bonuses or prizes for certain achievements those can be traded.


How to Join?

Visit the website and locate the login link or any of the Facebook or Google log in buttons. Click on the button. If its your first time you will be asked to approve the request. Approve or accept and you will be registered and logged in automatically. Net make sure you subscribe using any of the subscribe boxes on the website and follow deartiti social channels using the links provided on the site (just scroll through from top to bottom and you will see the links under the section that says “Follow Us for More Stories”. Right now there is Twitter, Telegram and Facebook to like and follow. Make sure to follow on at least one platform but if you are on all the listed platforms try to follow them on all.

If you were referred by someone please make sure you use the special link given to you by that person so that you will get the bonus.

After joining you can go to your profile and change the name that is shown to the public. However, your username (which is formed from your name on the network you are logging in with) cannot be changed.


What do I do After Joining?

To ensure that you receive all the benefits that you may qualify for in the future, make sure to do the following right after you register:

1. SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to the platform through any of the subscribe boxes displayed. Just check below the comments section if you are using a phone, for PC, check the right hand sidebar. Enter your email in the given box and click subscribe. After clicking subscribe, You must then go to your email inbox and look for an email that will be sent to you. If you don’t receive it after some minutes, check your spam, bulk or promotions folder. Make sure to open this email and click the link given to confirm your subscription. Without this your subscription will not be activated and you may not receive some bonuses because we usually check to make sure that winners have subscribed.

2. FOLLOW: After subscribing, scroll through the website and locate the section header that says in Bold “Follow Us For More Stories”, with links to twitter , telegram, facebook etc (see image below). If you are on any of those networks make sure you go ahead and follow so that you will not miss out on updates and bonuses that you may have won. If you are not a member of all the listed networks try to follow on at least one of them. More networks will be added in due course. Sometimes we check and if the winner of a prize is not following DearTiti on any of the social channels they will not receive their prize.

– Doing the two things above is a pre-requisite for receiving many prizes so make sure you do them as soon as possible after joining. After subscribing and following you can then begin to read stories, share, comment and refer to earn. The more you participate, the more you will earn and the more bonuses and extras you will receive. Sometimes you may even qualify for an occassional cash prize so keep participating and keep earning.

– Doing these two things also helps to grow the community and push us ever closer to the million subscriber target


How do I Log In?

After joining through the steps above, when next you want to log in, just click on any of the Facebook or Google Log in buttons and you will be logged in using that account.


FOR NIGERIANS: Is it Safe to Pay for Items in the Online shop with a Naira ATM Card?

Yes it is safe as this case does not fall under the CBN ban. What you are buying is not cryptocurrency, rather they are digital packages part of which benefit is some bonuses paid in digital tokens that are backed by cryptocurrency. What the government banned is the direct buying and selling of real cryptocurrency. Secondly, our payment processor is Flutterwave and that is what will appear on your transaction so there is no way the bank can tell exactly what was paid for, all they see is flutterwave which is a general payments company. So in conclusion, it is safe to use your naira card to pay for booster packs, pre-mint NFTs, memberships and other items in the shop.


What is the conversion rate for Naira to Dollar when using the naira ATM card?

Depends on the bank. Some banks charge higher than others and the exact rate changes from day to day.


What are Our Official Social Media Channels?

Make sure you follow these after joining so that you can qualify for extra bonuses.


More Useful Links:

Visit the following links to learn more about DearTiti platform:

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How to Contact Support if You Have a Problem

If your question is not covered in this FAQ or in the links given above, You may send an email to [email protected] , note that due to the large number of messages we receive everyday, replies may take a few days.

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