My Girl Stopped Showing me Love after She got into the University

black universityI am a 28 year old guy and my girlfriend who I love so much has suddenly turned into something else. When the going was good she promised that she will always be there for me but ever since she got admitted into the university, her character has changed for the worse over the past few months.

She has stopped calling like she used to and when I call she does not answer the phone. I have sent several text messages but hardly ever get a reply. When she manages to reply, she says that she is busy with school work and assignments and that she will call later but she never does.

All of this behaviour is very strange to me because while we were together before her university admission, we could hardly go more than a few hours without calling each other or exchanging text messages. In fact she stole my heart completely with the genuine love which she showed to me. We promised each other everything and even agreed to get married when she is through with her studies. I even planned that she would do her Masters Degree in a very good school in London.

But now I am so heartbroken. With her present behaviour I no longer see any love in her and I am now confused and wondering if I should continue the relationship like this or break up and let her go. What should I do?

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