He Beat Me Up and Pushed Me Out Of His House Now He is Begging Me to Come Back

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I am a young lady of thirty-one. I have a son from a previous affair (not marriage) and I just broke off with the man I have been dating for close to two years now.

He is five years older than me and works in a flour mill factory. Presently I live with my elder sister and her family in another town and I got to meet this guy shortly after I finally broke off with my son’s father. He comes to town when he is off work and I got introduced to him by my sisters hubby.

He asked me out but I did not accept immediately because I was just recovering from an unpleasant and failed relationship and again I must mention that this guy is not much to look at.

Although he is economically okay, he is not very handsome in most standards and has a hearing defect. He has been caring and supportive of me and my son right from the the moment we were introduced and when I told my sister that he was asking me out, she only told me to be wise and follow my heart. This guy calls me every day and when he is free he always visits and brings goodies for me and my boy.

I decided to give him a chance and agreed to date him. In short a lot of people were surprised that I would accept to date this guy, who also did not have a very good reputation in town. He was quite popular and drinks too much. Some times he gets so drunk that he messes up at night when he sleeps.

All this character of his I was tolerating until the night he beat me up and pushed me out 0f his apartment. You see I have already moved in with him at his apartment which he rented in town with my son.

The problem started when he came home drunk two weeks ago and while he slept off kept mentioning this particular lady’s name. I was so furious to even think that he was now cheating on me (most probaby patronising prostitutes).

I waited two days before I confronted him with the issue and in his reaction he beat me up and pushed me and my son out of his house.

Please I need advise because lately the man has been coming to my elder sister to beg for my forgiveness. When I left him I went back to the village with my son.

I refused to pick his calls but my brother in law who is a nice person and also this guy’s friend is also pleading on this ‘monsters’ behalf.

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I dont want to offend or hurt anybody but I am afraid that this guy will still hurt me again. What should I do, now, I am confused because I am trying to move on with my life.

ADs (do your own research):

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today was the second time my husband pushed me. he s a perfectionist and doesnt like if things are not in order. the fight started when i forgot to switch off the geyser. he says i never do things right. i work and at the end of the day am tired. he expects me to keep all things in order for him. whatever i do doesnt please him.


He may likely abuse you again
Marriages like this don’t work out
It’s better you divorce and stay away from him.

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Beating in marriage usually make it doesn’t last better he stop doing that or risk losing u forever