He Claims to Love Me But He Hardly Talks to Me Anymore

I am in great pains right now because my relationship is in shambles. my boyfriend travelled back to his station early this year in february and things were going fairly well before he left. But anytime we have a little mis-understanding, he blocks me on his whatsapp and refuses to pick my calls, until when I plead with him and ask his forgiveness. He does it all the time to the extent that now I am used to it.

At a point I got fed up and complained to his brother who adviced me to be tolerant and prayerful because he knows his brother loves me.

He rarely calls me with the excuse that making long distance call from his base overseas is too expensive. He further implied that I nag him a lot and he was sick of the whole relationship. He keeps looking for excuses to put me down. Like one time we were chatting on phone he told me that his phone fell and the screen got broken. I sympathized with him only for him to call me the next day and blame me that I was the cause.

We quarrelled again but this time he did not block his whatsapp even when I asked him to. I again complained to his brother who adviced me to beg him. This I did for days before he accepted and thereafter started giving me the silent treatment. I can say that since march of this year till now he does not talk to me or even call me. When I ventured to ask him why this shabby treatment he told me he was too busy to talk to me but that he loves me. I told his brother that I want to quit the relationship but he managed to convince me not to presenting an instance whereby as I am texting to tell him I am fed up, he may at the same time be texting to say he is sorry and my text message may get to him before he is through typing his message. Funny is’nt it?

His brother has said I should be patient and wait till he comes back later this year so we can make up properly, but I must confess that the tears and pains all these have caused me is diminishing the love I have for him. Please I need your advice. Should I do what his brother says or go ahead and follow my heart and quit the relationship?

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Jeff T
Jeff T

Don’t give up my dear. Relationship like yours tend to last long. I’m quite sure he loves you. I don’t want to think that he’s seeing someone else. Sometime the work load tend to stress up a lot. Stay in there to the end girl.

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