He is Asking Me to be His Girlfriend But I Prefer to Date His Friend

I met a man while I was in the Shopping mall who requested for my blackberry pin and my phone number. Initially I refused but after much persuasion, I gave in.

We became friends after that and after a short while he asked me out but I refused because I am aware of his fiancee, whose picture he uses as his profile picture all the time. He did not deny this when I asked him and he even told me that they were soon to get wedded.

But this did not stop him because this same guy has added me on his private social media group so that I can feel free with him. I joined the group and now all the guys in the group (who are also his friends) are under the impression that I am dating him. He promised to take me out on my birthday which he did with the help of a certain guy who is his colleague from his office.

Meanwhile, this colleague of his also belongs to the same social media group with the rest of us. Seeing me for the first time, this guy bared his mind to me that he likes me and in the course of our conversation we snapped pictures together. I was so amazed that someone I am meeting for the first time could be so caring as he really pampered me that day and I really appreciated it. The problem started when he asked me out even when he knows that his friend was also asking me out.

But I am yet to give him an answer since I’m still thinking about it. This guy seems so nice and since his colleague who asked me first is already engaged, I seem to prefer him because he is single and we might have a future together. Now the major problem is that we both practice different religions (he is a muslim and I am a christian) and this may prove to be a challenge especially with our families.

But I really do care and have feelings for him, right from the very first day I set eyes on him. Also he keeps telling me to keep our affair secret because he does not want his colleague to know anything until the appropriate time.

I am at a cross road now because I don’t know if his motives are sincere or not. Further more I don’t want to be the one to destroy the relationship he has with his friend. Please I dearly need your opinion and advice.

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joy olatunji
joy olatunji

Dear sis, try and found out if his love is geniune. As for the friend who is engaged, u knew it yourself u dont have feelings for him. He can only be ur friend. Also the mr nice collegeu maybe setting trap or want to use u. When u love somebody u don’t allow religion, tribalism to get involve. When it comes to real love just know u have to sacrifice one way or the other. If he loves u as he claim u both we come to agreement that we favour both families when it comes to religion. Now is time to be smart and apply wisdom. And if it going to lead to marriage at the end of the day think twice. If u capable of it? or does he what it? Marriage is not bread and moi moi. Real love is sweet anyway think about it.


Sister just wait for God’s time

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