He is Inviting Her for a Visit But She is Afraid that He Will Sleep With Her

My friend is 23 years old, a graduate and a virgin. She is finding it difficult to sustain her relationship due to the fact that most guys she is involved with always want romance and love making. They are not comfortable with a platonic arrangement, and they are easily turned off. She on her part is not even ready to give in to these guys.

Sometime ago, she met a guy online who she says she is in love with. The guy is yet to graduate from the university.

When they finally met face to face she did not particularly like the young man’s personality but she did not show it and carried on as if everything was okay. She has stated it clearly to this guy that she is not after material things (more over the guy has nothing to offer financially) and was not ready for any deep romantic relationship.

The guy has gone back to campus and invited my friend to come visit him but My friend is not too keen on it as she believes the distance from where she lives to the guy’s school is too far and she may not be able to return home that day.

She deliberately does not want to spend the night with him on campus fearing that what she has been trying to avoid may occur. Besides due to her family upbringing, her parents would not allow her to embark on such a journey alone even if she must go.

She explained all this to the guy and asked him to come and see her instead. The guy responded by saying that he was cashless and cannot afford the journey and insisted that she come over if she claimed she truly loves him.

Please I need your advice on how to advice this friend of mine who is close and always confides in me. Should I advice her to go visit the guy or to quit the relationship and if she chooses to quit how will she go about it?

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