He Openly Kisses Me When We are in My Area But Seems to Avoid Me When We are in His Hood

I have been dating this guy for over a year now and we used to live in the same neighbourhood yet He has never once invited me to his house all the time we have been together. The few times that I have gone to his house it is as if I am forcing myself on him so I hardly stay and pretend as if I came to fetch something.

His brother has heen my friend for about seven years but does not know I am dating him. I have moved away from the neighbourhood and my guy only comes to my place whenever he has an urge. He sleeps with me even when I am on my period and does it anally.

Although he calls me pet names like “my wife”, “mother of my kids” e.t.c., I always have this feeling that he does not mean it. I have been planning to buy a house and I thought he would jump at the chance of contributing towards it so that we can both own a house together and plan for our future.

But He refused, jokingly saying he prefers to have his own and me my own. He hardly assists me financially because I am financially stable, and moreover I don’t like the idea of asking people for financial favours.

However I have tested him in the past by asking for money but he never gave me real cash and prefers to assist with less important petty things.

When we are in my neighbourhood he openly hugs and kisses me, but when we are in his own neighbourhood, he is so distant and seems to avoid holding me.

My question is that I want to know if I am being used by this man or if he will ever change and marry me as he is always claiming. I need your opinion and advice because I have thought of leaving him but I cannot bear the thought of seeing him with another woman.

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