He Wants Me to Do a Blood Covenant with Him after Lying to me that He is Rich

I met a guy last two months and we started dating. He showed me a beautiful house which he claimed is where he lives, but I pretended I did not see it.

He also told me that he has a car the day he saw me alight from my brother’s car when he gave me a lift to a friend’s traditional marriage.

This guy of mine also showed me another beautiful house which he claimed belongs to his father who is dead and which now belongs to him because his elder brother was out of the country. He also showed me an elderly lady he said was his mother.

This guy telling all these lies is 35 years old and something in me pushed me to verify all the things he has been telling me before I decided to leap into a serious relationship with him.

I found out that he has nothing and lives in a one room apartment as a tenant. As I am writing this letter, he has even asked me to go into a blood covenant with him to guarantee that I will never leave him because he feels that I will leave him, but I assured him that I will not, and that I will always do my best for him. But he is not yet aware that I have discovered all his lies.

I need honest advice and matured opinions on how to talk to him to discard the idea of a blood covenant and how to confront him with the lies that I found out.

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Towera Mwanamanga
Towera Mwanamanga

just ask him point blank????????????????blood covenant really?what’s he afraid of????


Pls sweet heart, don’t try to marry out of pitty that will be naïve of u. Let him knw all the lies and y u can not marry a lier. Then, fly away…hahahaaa. Good luck!

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