He Wants to Sleep With Me Because He Says Doing So Will Make Our Love Stronger

I have been dating a guy for about a year now, but we have only met each other once, and that was when I spent a holiday staying with my uncle out of town.

I met him one evening when my uncle came home with him. He was such a handsome young man and before long we had become lovers. He had to travel back home after three days, and we got to know ourselves better through phone calls, social networking and text messages after he left. I am deeply in love with him, and with the way and manner we chat and talk I am very sure he feels the same way for me.

But my problem is that he always complains about being lonely and also how he tries hard to resist temptations of sleeping with other girls.When I try to calm him down and re-assure him, he usually logs out on me or switches the phone off. He denies seeing text messages I send to him claiming that the network may have wiped them off.

It is always one excuse or the other and eventually I am the one always begging for forgiveness I never ask him for a dime even when I am in desperate need of something, but when he asks of me I always give to him. Knowing fully well that he is a student and not working we have made plans to meet but he keeps asking me if I will sleep with him when we meet again.

I am really confused because I am still a virgin, and he always tells me that everything is worth sacrificing for if I truly love him. I have asked him if what he is demanding of me is equal to true love and he says it is because that will make our relationship stronger I am 20 and he is 24 what do I do ?

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I understand hw u feel, bt ur virginity is ur dignity. Do all u can to keep it. U can sacrifice things bt bt ur virginity. Be warned

Abdulrahman Lemani
Abdulrahman Lemani

Keep ur virginity or else he will be gone before you know it

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