I am Heavily Pregnant yet My Husband Wants me to Fast Every Week

pregMy hubby is someone that believes in practicing all church doctrines to the core. We belong to a denomination that goes on fasting once every week. I am pregnant with our first child but he doesn’t spare me from fasting.

The problem is that, each time he sees me breaking my fast at my convenient time or sees me eating in the morning of the fasting day (if I don’t want to fast that day) he becomes so annoyed and bitter about it. He will end up shouting at me and calling me names as if I’m an evil person who doesn’t want spiritual growth or progress for my home.

He believes I must wait till 7pm to break it in church. I have tried to participate in it with my spirit, soul and body but I always feel dizzy at the end of the day. Please should a pregnant woman be subjected to fasting? Should it be compulsory or voluntary especially during pregnancy? If I’m not pregnant, I do participate in church fasting and prayer very well.

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Let take a look from religious view; we have 2 categories of fasting which are the compulsary and the voluntary fasting. There4, when a woman is heavily pregnant and notice that if she perform any kind of the fasting listed above she will face difficulty, she should keep the fasting until when she deliver her baby.


You better discuss the issue with the pastor of the hurch or elders of your church,the issue fasting is a personal conviction rather than group, if you do it for the sake of someone you wont achieve the desired spiritual goal,the Christians God is not a cruel God.in your condition your are spared.


Am a Muslim we normally fast during Ramadan it’s compulsory for everyone except underage but for pregnant women they have a licences to eat at any time bcz of the baby after she deliver her baby she will start fast and this will apply to all the religious on the earth not just one .


its nt right for a pregnant woman to fast pls.

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