Help, Am I Under a Love Spell?

I went out with my colleagues from the office to the beach planned for some weekend fun. I am 40 but not yet married.

At the beach I met a prostitute who was so nice and pretty and I immediately took a liking to her. I invited her to join our group and the female colleagues in my group were not happy with the fact so I left the group and went for a walk with her.

That night I took her to my place and slept with her. The next morning, I gave her some money and she refused collect it. I asked her why and she said that I should not worry. She also told me she would like to see me again that she has something special for me.

I was surprised on my own because I have never known prostitutes to reject money. Anyway I had to travel back to my station where I work and months went by and I forgot all about her. Lately I visited home and while going through some photos, I came across a picture I took with my colleagues that day at the beach. This made me remember her and so I decided to call this lady.

She sounded glad to hear from me and begged me to come to her place. I decided to go and was surprised at the reception she gave me. She said that she had missed me and had been waiting for me to contact her all this while. She was just acting as if we had known each other all our lives and were very familiar.

In fact the excitement was just so much. She prepared assorted meals for me and persuaded me to spend the night. We made love again that night and it felt so fantastic. By the next morning I was in love with this woman and could not just get her out of my head. I ended up spending the whole of that day and the next in her house.

The way the whole thing happened took me unawares. Actually she is quite attractive and I kind of like her but after that night, everything changed and I found myself so much into her. So I am scared if I am I under a kind of spell or is this lady for real. She cannot be more than thirty years old while I am forty.

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