Help! I am Being Tempted to Cheat on My Girlfriend

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I have a girlfriend who I love so much and she loves me very much too but we school in different cities and only get to see during holidays, also sometimes I do travel to her school to visit her usually for some days.

But back in my school, I receive a lot of attention from other girls who just want me to sex them perhaps because of my looks (most People I’ve met, both girls and guys always tell me that I’m very handsome).

Many of these girls have come to my room in skimpy clothes and some even undressed themselves to lure me, one of them is even now threatening to lie that I impregnated her if I don’t agree to have s3x with her.

But so far I have resisted although it was not easy but I promised myself to always stay faithful to any girl I date because that is how I was brought up.

But the problem is that recently the pressure and temptation from these girls is becoming too much for me to bear and it seems to be getting harder and harder to resist. I feel I may be nearing a point where I can’t resist again but I don’t want to cheat on my girl even though she will never find out.

At the same time I just want all the pressures from these girls to stop because it always makes me to be on-edge and under tension, sometimes even experiencing some inconvenience while trying to avoid meeting or running into any of them.

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Please fellas advice me, what should i do? Should I give in to these girls or should I remain faithful to my girlfriend even though it will be difficult.


ADs (do your own research):

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😹 This reminds me of myself ☺️ Don’t cheat on your girlfriend, it is pretty hard for me to resist also, but I didn’t give in anytime, why? 😉 I didn’t give any the chance, prevention is better than cure, watch any activities you have with any female friends of yours, avoiding them is good but don’t overdo it, you just have to make sure the setting is okay, if you must interact with anyone of them, then it should be publicly, not privately or in a room. To summarize it all, keep avoiding anything or any place that can… Read more »

Johnson Onyeka
Johnson Onyeka

You are a man, control yourself and be faithful to your partner. If you give in to their temptations you may regret and hate yourself later