HELP! I think My Hubby is Having an Affair With the Young Maid

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I am a lady of thirty-six, married with two children.(females) and my husband is forty years old. I have been married for six years and we appeared to be happy until lately.

The cause of this breach of our marriage is our house maid, She has been staying with us since I had my second daughter three years ago, and I was the one who requested and insisted I must have a house help, preferably female.

It was even my hubby who vehemently kicked against the idea saying I should get relative to help out instead. I am into business and it takes a good part of my time, and things were really challenging when I had my second child that I felt I needed assistance in attending to the home and my business.

My hubby is an engineer and his job takes him far away from home sometimes. Moreover I have long decided that I don’t want any thing to do with any member of my extended family, so I ruled out the idea of bringing in a younger relation into my home.

Well after a lot of haggling over the matter my hubby finally agreed to my request and a friend of mine at the shop, referred a young girl of 18 years old to me.

This girl really assisted me as expected and during the early months she came to live with us, I was greatly impressed by her resourcefulness and dedication. I was also catering for her education and I did not ever treat her badly but only scolded her whenever she did something wrong.

Lately the reverse has been the case with this house maid of mine. My housemaid has transformed into a home breaker because I discovered that my hubby is sleeping with her although they are keeping it very secret. Not long ago I was very busy with my business and I spent less and less time at home.

This girl virtually played the role of the mother of the house, getting the children ready for school preparing the meals and attending to my hubby when ever he was around. I did not see any reason to be threatened because I regard this girl as a timid and naive girl.

My hubby happened to be on his annual leave this period and that was when I suspected the affair was going on because I noticed some changes in his behaviour towards this girl. I have confronted him over the matter but he denies it. I told him I want to send her away and he keeps adamantly insisting I must not.

He is never happy with me any time I reprimand this girl and lately he seems to be very apprehensive when he is around me, as if he is hiding something from me. I am a woman and I have intuition.I am sure my hubby is having an affair with her.

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Also this girl has grown pigheaded as she now regularly disregards my instructions. My husband has also become too reserved as well. I feel so disturbed right now and don’t even know what to do.

ADs (do your own research):

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan


mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Don’t do things in haste without proof and later on regret

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

U hflp him ruined young girl life,,, when u somebody do this to ur young daughter then u will realized the effect of ur wrong doing.