Her Attitude Changed After We Started Dating

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I am in my final year in the university and presently dating a girl I met when I was a fresh man. Although back then she did not accept my proposal but after much persuasion over the years she finally agreed and we have been dating for about two months now.

What I find hard to understand now is that before we started dating we were actually good friends, always calling each other and exchanging compliments even hugging ourselves anytime we meet. But since we started dating all these have changed even though I actually anticipated it would even increase now that we are lovers.

I really can not comprehend the kind of uncaring character she has been putting up and now I’m having two thoughts as to continuing the relationship.

Personally I feel that since our affair is still at a tender and young stage it may be wiser for me to opt out now before somebody gets hurt, but the truth is that she is somebody I would have loved to build my life around but I am scared of her attitude.

Please advice me whether to call it quits now that we are both not too emotionally involved or be patient and give her more time and maybe she will come around.

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ADs (do your own research):

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Great mistake


Call it quits now, the handwriting is all over the wall, she either has another guy or she doesn’t love you, I think you should call it quits.