Her Ex Got Her Pregnant and Denied it and I Gave Her Money to Abort the Baby, Now I Caught Her Sleeping With Him Again

Some girls are simply unbelievable. I need your candid advice and counselling because now I don’t know the right thing to do after what I went through in the hands of my girlfriends.

Well I have decided to address this young lady as my girlfriend because she actually agreed to date me, but we never slept together. This is my story.

She is an apprentice with a fashion designing outfit and she is 22 years old I am twenty-seven and I work in a government agency as a civil servant.

I have known this girl for about three years now and when I first met her I was aware of another chap who was also trying to woo her. Then, she rejected my proposal and decided to date this other guy, but the guy messed her up when he got her pregnant and outright denied the pregnancy. It so happened that at that time I was still begging her to accept me, but when this other guy disappointed her, I was the one she ran to for succour.

My friends have advised me to do away with her and move on with my life because she is not the one for me, but I care for her so much that I feel my life is not complete without her.

Anyway, when she ran to me, I took responsibility of paying for her abortion and taking care of her welfare. Already I was having problems with my friends who did not approve of her but my love for her superceded all reasonable advice.

This girl promised me that she would stick with me and accept me as her guy if I can solve her problem for her because she could not even confide in her friends or family.

My greatest shock was when I saw her in a mutual friend’s bachelors eve party with the same guy who disapointed her. At the party a friend called me outside and took me to the ladies where I saw my girl in the very act of love making with this guy.

I was so hurt I even cried but now I feel frustrated. I am thinking of doing something stupid like harming her and the guy only that my conscience will not allow me. Please what do I do in this situation because I really love this girl and I am still willing to take her back with the belief that she will change with time if she can only be sincere with me in this relationship. Should I go ahead with my revenge plan or should I ignore everything that has transpired and move on with my life. Tell me what to do now, because I am already on the edge of my tolerance.

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