Her Mother Threatened Me With an Early Death If I Do Not Marry Her Daughter

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My girlfriend has been given an option to travel out of the country to the United Kingdom by her uncle, who is over there and currently processing her travelling documents. But my girlfriend is not keen on the offer saying she cannot bear to leave me alone and has in turn demanded of her uncle to process both our travelling documents before she consents.

I have tried to persuade and encourage her to go ahead and accept this offer telling her I will wait for her. She refused saying she loves me too much and if she does not marry me then no one will, because she will never love again and may become adulterous in the future.

Now I am so confused as to what to do now because the family of my girl is thinking that I am the cause of their daughters attitude. Her mother has even approached me without the knowledge of her father and my girl, and threatened me with an early death if I fail to marry her daughter, because she suspects that I have put a spell on her.

My dilema now is how to indeed go about this relationship without ever messing it up because I dont have anything financially; I manage just a small room as a student and my parents are not well to do. This girl is really on my neck. Please what do I do. I need your advice.

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ADs (do your own research):

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Hmmm…..if her uncle agreed to purchase Visa for both of you, that will be good. Let me ask you that ” will you be able to wait for her when she travel?’ if not, then think twice

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Then agree to Marry her