How do I Tell my Girlfriend that I am in Love With Someone Else?

By December this year I will be 30 years old. I have two girlfriends but I recently made up my mind to stop premarital romantic relationships. I have had it in mind to break up with both of them for some time now so that I can start searching for a life partner but I’ve found myself dragging my feet on the matter.

Now I feel myself developing strong feelings and urges for one of these girls despite the fact that I have resolved to end my relationship with her.

I am no longer interested in bedding any girl before marriage and I have decided to settle for one girl only. But this particular girl has really affected me and I think I am falling more in love with her to the point of considering settling down with her.

The challenge I have now is that I don’t know how to tell the other girl that I am no longer interested in our relationship, and to explain to her that I am now born again and most especially that I love somebody else other than her.

Please I need a very candid opinion and advice because I still care for this other girl and I will like her to be my ordinary friend.

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U are man do watever u wish too..