ADs (do your own research):

Payments for items in the DearTiti Online Shop can be made in cryptocurrency.

This is achieved using the crypto payments service which is the world’s largest and most popular crypto payments service.


Accepted Currencies and Networks

The currently accepted cryptocurrencies on DearTiti Shop are:

  • BTC (Bitcoin) (via Bitcoin wallet/network)
  • TRON (via Tron wallet/network)
  • USDTTRC20 (USDT on Tron network)
  • ADA (via Cardano network)
  • BUSD (Binance USD) (via Binance Smart Chain)
  • CAKE (PancakeSwap token) (via Binance Smart Chain)
  • SOL (via Solana network)
  • XMR (via Monero wallet/network)

WARNING: Make sure that you send your payment through the native blockchain network of the currency you are paying with using the token as listed on the native network (the network is specified boldly in the brackets in front of each currency above). If you send the wrong cryptocurrency or via the wrong network, you risk losing it forever and you will not be reimbursed. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


How to Purchase Items from the Online Shop

Booster Packs, Combo Packs and Token Packs that can give you extra points and pre-mined crypto can be bought from the DearTiti shop. Some even give rare NFTs at mouthwatering discounts.

To buy any item, visit the shop from the Menu or from here. When you find an item you want to purchase, click on the “Add to Cart” Button to add it to your shopping cart.

Next, scroll down and click on “Proceed to Checkout” to review your order details and if everything is correct, read and accept the Terms and Conditions then click on “Place Order”.

On clicking Place Order, you will be sent to the crypto payment platform. Select the currency you want to pay with and click on “Proceed to Payment” then send the crypto to the address displayed within the time displayed in the countdown.

(Make sure that you already have the funds ready in the correct wallet and a little extra to cover for transaction/gas fees before clicking Proceed to Payment).

WARNING 1: Make sure you send the EXACT amount shown or your transaction may fail. Even a point above or below the displayed amount could cause your payment to fail. You can click the little blue icon after the amount to copy it to your clipboard for pasting. Send the funds before the countdown elapses or else you will need to wait for the rates to update and the countdown restart.

WARNING 2: When sending to the address displayed, ensure that you send the tokens from the native blockchain of that currency, For example, send Ada from a native Cardano wallet on the Ada / Cardano blockchain, Send Tron from a Tron wallet via the Tron blockchain, BUSD via the Binance smart chain, SOL via the Solana blockchain etc (see the full list of currencies in the previous section on Accepted Currencies and Networks).

ADs (do your own research):