What is DearTiti?

DearTiti is a free blockchain-based “Web 3.0” platform where you can earn a regular daily income by sharing posts, commenting, doing simple tasks and referring people to join. See how it works here.

Registration on DearTiti is free and very easy. It takes less than a minute and there are no lengthy forms to fill.


What You Need to Register

The only thing you need is an active Facebook or Google or Yahoo account. This account is what you will use to register and subsequently Log in with. You must also be aged 15 years and above.


Supported Browsers

  • Not all internet browsers are recommended to be used for DearTiti.com because not all Browsers are supported.
  • Generally, browsers that block ads or prevent them one way or the other from being displayed are NOT to be used for DearTiti.


What Browsers Should be Used?

Recommended browsers you may use include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Make sure there is no ad blocking and cookies are enabled. Click here for more on recommended browsers.


What Browsers Should NOT be Used?

You CAN NOT use privacy focused browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. Click here to read more on recommended browsers.


Steps to Register on DearTiti

STEP 1. Connect:

Click on any of the Connect buttons for whichever social network platform you are using to register. If you are not logged in to the platform you will be asked to log in.

STEP 2. Authorize:

After logging in, a popup may appear from the platform asking for authorization and confirmation, accept and allow the authorization.

STEP 3. Select a Username:

Next you will be asked to select a username which you want to use on DearTiti. In most cases, a suggestion will already be prefilled for you based on your username on the connecting platform. If you wish to use something else, delete it and type in a new one.

If the name is already existing (i.e is already in use by another user), you may get an error. In such a case you could add numbers to the end of your chosen username or select something else entirely.

STEP 4. Click on the Register Button:

After entering your desired username, click on Register and wait a few seconds while you are registered. If registration is successful you will be automatically logged in and redirected to the Start Page.

STEP 5. Study The Start Page:

The very first time you register and log in, you will be redirected to the How it Works page. This is the only time you will be redirected to that page when you log in. (If you like to access the How it Works page again you may do so by checking under Help in the menu, or by clicking here.)

The next time and subsequent times when you connect/log in successfully, you will be redirected to another page which is the Welcome Page or Start Page.

The Start Page contains some useful information for beginners so ensure that you read the entire page carefully especially if it’s your very first time. Reading these instructions and visiting the links provided will help you better understand the platform, how it works and how to earn the most from it.

The Start page also contains links to Related Resources such as articles and documentation that explain how the website works and what you should be doing to earn.

On the Start Page, you will also find a “Jump Menu” which is a menu to quickly get you to wherever you wish to go on the platform.

Click on Jump to... and a dropdown list of links to commonly visited pages of the platform will be displayed. Select any item from the list to jump to that page. The contents of the Jump Menu are the same as that of the main site menu. The main site menu can be accessed on mobile by clicking on the three white horizontal lines in the top right hand corner of every page of the platform.

Note: After registering, next time you want to log in, just connect with the network that you used in registering (Facebook, Google or Yahoo). You won’t be asked to select a username again, instead you will be taken straight to the Start page.

Note Also: If you were given a referral link by someone, make sure you use that link to access the website just before registering so that you can both receive extra bonuses. If you do not have a referral link, you may still go ahead and Register but you may not get all the registration bonuses, only some. However, this will not affect your subsequent earnings.


What to do Next after Registering?

After successfully registering, here are the first steps you need to take to start earning.

  1. Subscribe to the DearTiti email newsletter: Visit this page to subscribe, or scroll down any page of the platform to locate the subscription box.
  2. Follow DearTiti on as many social media as possible. Click here and scroll towards the bottom of the article to see links to DearTiti social media accounts. You will also find the social media links when you scroll down along any page (located above the Featured stories section in the sidebar).
  3. Link your other social accounts: Linking is extremely important because if you lose access to the main social account that you normally use to connect to DearTiti, you will no longer be able to log in unless your DearTiti account is linked to another social network. To link your account, go to the Edit Account (or Account details) link under Accounts in the main menu. You can also access the page directly here (you must be logged in).
  4. Learn how it works: You should also read this article on How DearTiti Works (click here)
  5. Learn how to earn: Next, read more about the various ways you can earn on DearTiti. Read this article for a detailed explanation of all the ways you can earn.
  6. Log in daily: Log in and do the daily activities, share posts, comment and do quests. Click here for more on this.


Where to Find Posts and Articles to Share?

Any post or article that has a tweet or share button at the end of it can be shared to receive payment. You can find posts and stories to share by checking the homepage on deartiti.com or scrolling down the platform to look for sections with lists of stories like Popular. Featured, Related etc.Most of the content on DearTiti can be shared for earnings. Note this exception for referral links: if you are sharing your referral link, you can share the referral link directly even if the page has no tweet or share button.


How to Check Your Earnings

You can see all your earnings by checking your DearTiti Wallet. You must be logged in (connected) to access your wallet and view your earnings. To access your Wallet, log in and from the menu click on Wallet. You can also access it directly after logging in by clicking here.


Can You Create More than One Account?

No you may NOT create more than one account. Only one account is allowed per person. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and could lead to all your accounts getting banned and all earnings lost. You are only permitted to create another account if you lose access to your current account. DearTiti uses an AI-enabled mechanism to detect the activities of multiple related accounts and will automatically delete any such accounts found to belong to the same person.


Editing Your Account and Profile

Your “Display Name” is the name that other people see when they view your profile. It is also used in other public places of the website such as the Leaderboards and comment profiles.

While registering, your display name is automatically set to the name used on the profile of the network that you are connecting with.

You may choose to change your display name for privacy reasons although it is not compulsory. If you do not mind having your real name visible to the public then you do not need to change your display name.

However, if you wish to, you can easily change it by going to your account profile edit page. You will find a link to this page (Edit Profile) under the Account section of the Menu. You may also access it directly by clicking here.

After changing your display name, click the Save Changes button below the password section. When editing your profile, you do not need to change everything on the page. For things you do not wish to change, just leave as they are and click Save Changes.

If you wish to change your email address or password, you could also change them on this page. But if you are not changing them, just ignore the email and password sections and click Save Changes after changing what you want to change.

You may also change your profile image (avatar) from this page, and even delete your entire account too.

The only information you cannot edit is your username. Once created, it cannot be changed. So carefully consider your choices when you are choosing your username while registering.


Linking Your Other Social Media Accounts

On the Account page you will also see network Link buttons for the available connecting networks (Facebook, Google and Yahoo). With these buttons you can link your other social network accounts to your DearTiti account. When you link them, you will be able to log in/connect to your DearTiti account with any of the linked networks.

This feature is useful and highly recommended to ensure that you do not lose access to your DearTiti account if something happens to your account on the connecting network.

For example, if you registered with your Facebook account and later linked your Google and Yahoo accounts, even if something happens to your Facebook account you will still be able to log into your DearTiti account with your Google or Yahoo account.


Useful Links

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