I am a Princess and I’m in Love With a Poor Orphan But He Won’t Answer When I Call His Phone

I decided to seek your advise and counsel on an issue bothering me for sometime now, because I cannot present the matter to just anybody, not even my family.

I am twenty-four years old, a graduate and a princess from a royal family in my community. I am not married and I dot have a boyfriend.

I schooled abroad and throughout all those times I never thought of getting involved in boy/girl relationships. I had very close male friends anyway but they are mostly relatives or friends of relatives who I have no feelings for except platonically.

I was invited to an introduction ceremony in another state by a good family friend and I honoured it. At the occassion I observed a young man who was co-ordinating some street urchins to gather round the bottles of drink lying around on the ground. He looked about my age and he was very handsome and polite. Coincidentally, he was also among some group of young men who assisted my chauffeur to change a bad tyre in my car when I was about to leave.

I called him and started asking him questions and he told me that he was an orphan and had no helper and that he managed along by doing odd jobs at events like this.

I was so touched and I collected his phone number because I decided to use my connections to help him secure a job. Also since that day I found myself always thinking about him and could not get him out of my mind.

But I have not heard from this guy or see him since that day and everytime I call his line it just keeps on ringing and nobody picks. What can I do now because I think I am in love with him and believe that he is my God sent.

I know my family will not surpport my relationship with this guy because of his poor status and me being of royal blood, but I am willing to sacrifice anything for him, if he will only just respond to my calls.

I am really heartbroken because I feel empty without this guy. I even seached for him on the internet but could not reach him. The only way I can access him is with his phone and although when I call he never cuts it, but he never picks it up as well. What can I do to get this love of my life and keep my homour as royalty.

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Try sending him a text which would inform him of ur intention and explain to him where u knew him by doing dis if his truly the owner of the line he may call u or pick up ur calls.


Try to visit him again if an opportunity arises

Bb who is free
Bb who is free

Please if u can’t stand for the poor guy don’t push him soo far because when the music of royalty and Richie began from ur parent he has no body to back him but if u can stand for the music then go an look for him u may mixe one of the number and thinking u r calling him thank you


try sending him a text, and don’t give up I believe one day he will reply u.


try to visit him again or send him text message

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