I am Pregnant for a Guy Who is Very Irresponsible with Money

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I am 29 years old, and I met my boy friend some months ago. Although he is hard working, he does not seem to be the serious type because he is reckless with money. Sometimes he makes so much money in a week but will spend everything such that in the following weeks after that he will not have anything.

Within 3 days of making money, he will spend it roughly without giving me a dime. After that when he is broke he will come to me and start pestering me to loan him money, when he knows that I am not working. I even usually sneak food from my mummy’s kitchen to feed him when he is very broke.

When he has no money he will promise me heaven and earth but once the money comes, he will disappear and I won’t set my eyes on him again until he has exhausted all the cash.

I have talked to him severally and realised that he will never change so I made up my mind to quit the relationship. I told him that I am no longer interested in the relationship but he pleaded and promised to change. But of course I know he won’t. As of right now I am not even picking his calls though he has been begging.

The challenge that I am facing now is that the last time both of us made love we made a mistake. I have taken some pills but I feel it is not working because I missed my period and it is four days already. I have done some tests and it is positive which means I am pregnant for him.

I am a graduate but presently I don’t have a job. I am currently engaged in learning how to design clothes and I don’t want to terminate this baby. At the same time too I don’t want the baby to suffer since I’m sure that my boyfriend is not responsible enough to be a father now. I am so confused and don’t know what to do with my life. I have realised that I have made a big mistake and I have not been able to confide in anybody. Please help me with advice on this problem because that is the reason I decided to write in.

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ADs (do your own research):

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Habibu Usman
Habibu Usman

It is forbidden in two religion to terminate pregnancy. It is also forbidden to have to have children you cannot cater for. You need to thinks wisely so as to have a better future .


every young lucky men always makes the mistakes of misused there flow income, let him know that’s he’s about to become a father…. I’m sure he will situp and start learning how to save money.. Marry him because of the baby and you might be a God sent in his life..