I Asked Him This Question and He Stopped Talking to Me

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I met a guy on Facebook and since then which is about for months now, we have been chatting. He says he is searching for a lady to be his wife since his ex girlfriend cheated on him.

I usually encourage him to be prayerful before he starts a relationship and have been so close so much so that he confided in me that his ex girl had twins for him which was aborted.

Two days ago he sent me pictures of a girl and asked me to save them for him. He later informed me that he has found a wife and sought to know what the bride price and traditional marriage ceremony will cost him.

I replied that I had no idea as I have never been married before and it was best that he asked this wife-to-be of his. When I asked him this question: Why did you send those her pictures to me? He told me not to worry that he would be fine.

Since that encounter he has refused to reply any of my messages. Please advice me, I don’t know if I have hurt his ego or offended him.

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ADs (do your own research):

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

U are wasten ur time in him and later on dumps u


Ask him if he was offended by the question, and if he was, then, tell him you are sorry and you both should forget about it 👍