I Caught My Wife Cheating With Her So-Called “Cousin”

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My wife and I have been married for four years and we have a daughter although we lost a son about two years ago. I never one day suspected my wife of infidelity because she has given me no reason at all to suspect her all these years or to doubt her faithfulness.

But lately all her escapades in the past was exposed to me and my eyes are now open. When we lost our baby two years ago, a young man came to our house and she introduced him to me as a distant cousin who she had lost contact with for a long time and only just discovered that he comes to our town for business once in a while. I received him warmly and this guy stayed two days with us before he travelled back.

One day few weeks later a colleague of mine called me aside and told me about how he saw my wife at an event in a nearby town. He wondered why I did not accompany her because he saw another chap with her and their actions seemed to suggest that there was something goin on between them. The event was actually a Valentine’s day event meant for couples.

When I got home I confronted my wife with this info and she did not deny it and explained that it was her cousin she introduced me to before. Honestly I don’t remember she ever telling me she was going for such an occassion or that her cousin was in town or would be accompanying her.

Well, two weeks ago my wife informed me this same  cousin of hers was visiting again and would spend only a day in town; but he would not be staying over at our house. At that time my senses were alert and somehow I don’t know what made me think like this probably because of the kind of job I do, I decided to monitor my wife’s movement that fateful day.

To cut a long story short I traced my wife and this cousin of hers to an uptown motel where I managed to gain access through the manager of the place to the room my wife and this cousin of hers paid for. When the door was opened after I knocked, I met this so-called cousin standing at the door with just a towel tied around his waist and my wife was lying on the bed half-covered in the sheets but I could see her face clearly and it was also obvious that she was naked.

I can not explain my feeling on seeing this, but I did not cause a scene. The so-called cousin tried to start explaining while my wife tried to hide her face with the sheets but I just walked away.

I only went back home and sent our son to my uncles’ place. I locked the doors to the house and I have since been going to work from my colleague’s place.

Since then her family has been trying to reach me to appeal to me to at least allow her access to our son. They have since denied that ‘cousin’ of hers and they are very embarrassed over the behaviour of their daughter.

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All these are not really bothering me, what I only need advice for now is the best way to move ahead with my life and forget this betrayer of a wife forever.

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Cheating is cheating with anyone