I Have Just Received a Call From a Lady Who is Supposed to Be Dead

I don’t know if I am going crazy but I can no longer keep this experience to myself. I am a young man of twenty-nine and I just rounded up my national service.

As an educated person, I do not really believe in superstitious things but lately I had an experience which I cannot even explain now.

A few months before I completed my national service, I met this lady at a party. She was one of the members of the dancing group that entertained and when the celebrant was dancing, we all joined the dance and I happened to dance with her.

She told me a lot of things about herself that night and we exchanged numbers. She said that they came from another state and her group will be going back home the next day.

I called her later that night and she said she was about to sleep as she was very tired and their vehicle would take off very early the next day. She promised me that she will be the one to call me once she gets home. I asked her if she was on any online chat and she said yes.

After I passed out from my national service, I have been trying to reach this lady ever since then but with no success.
Lately I decided to try to reach her on facebook and to my utter shock, I saw this girls obituary and comments
from loved ones.

I did not know what to think but I again tried her number and it still rang but no body picked it. The cause of her death according to what I gathered from comments was a ghastly motor crash on the same night I met her.

Now here comes the scary part. Two days ago I got a call from her number. When I saw it, I did not believe my eyes and I quickly picked it up. To my utter shock It was this lady’s voice alright and she asked me why I have not been calling her and whether I am like the rest of them?

I did not what she meant but when I tried to ask her where she was at the moment, she just said “Hmmm” and called my name, then the line went dead. I could not sleep that night and checked her online profile again just to be sure that I was not dreaming and truly it was her picture there with same RIP comments.

For two days now I have been trying the number and it is always switched off. Am I going crazy? Did I just speak to a ghost? what do I believe now ? Help me because I am so scared.

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