I Keep Sleeping With My Restaurant Customers and I Always Feel Cheap and Used Afterwards

I keep sleeping with guys I attend to at the transport company restaurant where I work, and I always feel cheap and used afterwards.

I am 28 years old and single and I have worked at this cafe for three years now. most of the customers are truck drivers and some of them flirt with me and demand “extras”. I exchange phone numbers with them and when they call me, I meet them after work.

The experience is always passionate only that in the morning when my eyes have cleared I wake up in a strange truck or with some stranger in my bed.

Last week, there was a guy I met who I really liked. We slept together and afterwards he dressed up and left telling me he would see me again but I know he wont because that is what others always do and sadly this guy was no different.

I just cant help jumping into bed with guys I just met. I can’t seem to help myself and it is as if I am trying to prove some point only I end up feeling cheap and used. I really want this to stop.

I would really love to have a guy who I can settle down with and have a family, but I cannot say no to love advances although sometimes I would have preferred just a kiss and a cuddle.

Please help me because I do not really understand what I am doing. Why cant I keep a man for more than one night or am I cursed?

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