I Love My Boyfriend But He Has Some Bad Habits Which I Just Can’t Stand

I met my boyfriend 3 months ago and he is a good man, However the problem I have with him even before we started dating, is that I observed some bad habits that he has which I cant stand.

He would fix a dinner date by 7:30 p.m and he would end up coming by 9:00 P.m without a call or text message to explain why he would be running late. He is always so restless when we go out together jumping from one place to the other. He takes unnecessary actions and makes rash decisions without first thinking them over.

His stories changes everytime he retells them (He lies a lot). He drinks alcohol and yet denies it to me. He never picks an incoming call on the first or second ring, and he is always hard to reach on phone.

I could go on and on with strings of his irresponsible habits but the afore are just a few fundamentals It is quite Herculean for me putting up with all these habits. I know he loves me like crazy but his bad habits are killing me.

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the guy has never thought or has it in his 5years comming plans to settle down so dont refer to him as your friend but as one of your play mate


If you have tried talking to him and he doesn’t change then you should move on

joy olatunji
joy olatunji

Like u said dear he loves u right? Anyway love don’t lie and hide things. Buying u whatever u want or satisfying u on bed his not love ok. If u feel secure and comfortable with someone also u trust them and they are there when u need them most is what we call love. Note nobody is perfect . Try and talk to him about it, and see if he will ajust himself. See we all are different. We are brought up from different enviroment so it influence also on people, some people are to be directed or show the way also encourage them one way or the other. U are lady, the ball is in your court.

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