I Made a Blood Oath With My Ex and I Don’t Know If That Is What is Affecting Me Now

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I am in a very serious problem now and I need your help. I dated a guy seven years ago for three years before we broke up. We started dating the day he paid my hospital bills when I fell very ill and was admitted in the hospital.

I was so touched by his gesture and agreed to date him when he asked me. I developed strong feelings for this guy thereafter and likewise him for me too.

In the spirit and excitement of the moment we decided to bond our love by taking a blood oath together. He was the one who took me to a spiritualist’s house where we did the act.

Our relationship ended when he said he had become a “born again” Christian and that our relationship was sinful. He said he doesn’t yet feel ready to commit to marriage because he wanted to focus on his spiritual life, therefore we had to end it. All my pleading fell on deaf ears and He quit the relationship despite my pleas and we both moved on with our lives.

Two years later, I dated a guy who later proposed marriage to me but unfortunately some days after the proposal, he lost his life in a ghastly motor accident. I was so much devastated at the time but as the years went by, I had no choice but to move on with my life.

Lately a guy has been asking me to marry him and I have agreed. But then a few days to our official introduction this guy called my phone and harshly told me he was fed up with me and he was no longer interested in getting married to me.

I was shocked because the last time we saw some days before that day, everything seemed normal and we never had any issues or anything of the sort that could warrant a break up. Fine we’ve had a few squabbles in the past but to me they seemed to be minor issues and I felt that this were a normal occurrence in any relationship.

I pleaded with him to tell me exactly what I did that he did not like so that I can try to change but he kept on shouting refusing to listen. I begged and pleaded but to no avail. I was so devastated naturally, and while I grieved, my mind went back to the oath I took many years ago.

Please do you think that this is what is affecting me now because I learnt that such things are diabolical and can never be revoked.

As for my ex the last I heard was that he was a faithful church worker yet unmarried, and not in any serious relationship at his age.

If it is actually our deed is now affecting us I want to know if such a bond can be revoked and if so who do I go to for this deliverance?

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I am so desperate because for the seven years I broke off with my ex, this other guy has been the only man who has approached me for a relationship and even marriage (besides the other guy that died). But his sudden change of mind makes me very heartbroken and confused. I need your opinion on what I should do please.

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Slowly u will

Utibe-abasi Prince Richard
Utibe-abasi Prince Richard

Although there is a saying that says that blood covenant is unrevokeble. But my advise for you is that you go and meet the guy so that the two of you can go for Deliverance if not you can’t do it alone. The blood of Jesus is the one that will break that covenant. But it has to be the agreement of the two of you. And please don’t accept any proposal or marriage for now because either the guy die or anything bad may happen to him. You can contact me for more advise on 08124683784

Oloyede Israel
Oloyede Israel

You must walk away and shut door against your horrible and traumatic past in order to move on.You must also know that all men are not the same even though it was a man that broke your heart another man is standing by to mend it.


I cant say I am well versed on religious matters but maybe you should visit someone religiously strong like a pastor or imam or any other top religious leader depending on your beliefs, they may be able to guide you better because in all honesty you never can tell if the covenant is what is really affecting you or not