I Mistakenly Slept With My Guy’s Twin Brother Thinking it Was Him

I am 27 years old, a female and employed I am single and presently not in any relationship.

Eight years ago when I was quite younger, my boyfriend and I broke up over a misunderstanding where he beat me and physically abused me. I hated guys at that time because of this and I decided not to date any boy. Anyway this ex of mine later apologised I forgave him and moved on with my life.

Years later, I gradually become used to another guy who had a twin brother and were friends of my ex. We started out as friend and one evening when we were just relaxing, he asked me out. It took me some time to consider his offer and after sometime I agreed to date him.

The issue here now which I must confess is that while I was dating this guy, I unknowingly also slept with his twin brother. The brothers had planned it but then I did not know until recently.

Lately I saw a friend request on my facebook and it was from this twin I dated. I accepted his request and we have been chatting since then.

He has begged me for forgiveness and asked me to come back. I have not responded yet because I am still hurt about what happened in the past. He really seems remorseful and he tells me he is now a changed person and still unmarried.

I really had feelings for him back then and some how I feel I never lost it. What shoul I do now. Should I forget the past and take a chance with him after what he did or just move on with my life. Note that I am not getting any younger as a lady and I am not even in any serious relationship.

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