I Placed a Curse on My Ex When I Caught Her Cheating and It Seems that the Curse Worked

I am 32 years old and a bachelor, jobless and a born again Christian. I met this young lady two years ago before I become born again. and we dated for a year and some months before we broke up.

We broke up I caught her cheating with my bossom friend who was a banker because she is the type that falls for material things. I love this girl very much but she does not show the same love to me because I dont have money.

I was totally devastated by this discovery and it was what led me to give my life to christ and stop all act of immorality. I have been in christ for about two months now. The problem is that when I broke off with my girl I made a prophecy out of the pain in my heart. This prophecy which you can also call a sort of curse was that she will not know peace until she apologises to me.

Yesterday evening I received a call from a number I have never seen. A lady was the one calling and she asked me if I was the owner of the phone. I said yes and she started crying and pleading for me to forgive her and release her from the curse.

Honestly I was so stunned that I cut the call thinking it was a prank call or fraudsters but later I got to think that this could be a manifestation of my prophecy and that the person calling was this same girl. I strongly suspect my ex is trying to beg for forgiveness. But since yesterday I have been trying the number and it is not going. Please what do you think ? Could it be my prophesy manifesting and if so how can I release her from it?

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Towera Mwanamanga
Towera Mwanamanga

unbind her that curse might come back to spite you, you should know better as a christian


I think you’re delusional

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