If I Break Up With Him, Will I Find Another Guy Who Will Love Me?

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I have a big Stature physically and even though I am just 24 years old people often think I’m older. I have a boyfriend who shows me love and affections but recently his attitude has changed. I got to find out that he cheated on me and when I confronted him with it, he totally denied it saying the lady in question (a slim lady) only visited him at his house and nothing happened between them.

I have also seen my boyfriend’s picture on this lady’s social media status and my boyfriend usually uses my cell phone to access the social network. One day he logged in and failed to log out, so I got the opportunity of peeking through his messages and discovered he chats with different ladies (who are usually slim). This is a guy who begged me not to cheat on him when he was trying to convince me to date him. I have indeed kept my promise not to do such up till now.

The problem I am now having is that he specifically told me not to call him on a certain day that rather he would be the one to reach me. When I tried calling him after then, he refused to pick my calls.

When we met I asked him the reason for his actions and he told me that I do not satisfy him, but inwardly I know I do my best. I truly love this guy and I don’t want to loose him. Some times I wonder if I am at fault maybe because I’m a big girl and he probably prefers slimmer girls because I also got to find out that he keeps a string of girlfriends and even goes to bed with them.

Please what should I do as I am still very much keen on our relationship and really very scared of what might happen to my emotions if I decide to leave him and also scared whether I will find another guy who will love me as I am (I’m kind of big/quite chubby).

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ADs (do your own research):

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