I’ve Had a Girlfriend for 9 Years Who Loves Me But I Love Another Girl who Does not Love Me

I have been dating a girl since my early secondary school days which is about nine years now. This girl loves me so much even up till this moment, but over the years the love I felt for her has reduced drastically and I’m just in the relationship because I don’t know how to break up with her. Also I feel more of pity for her anytime I try to end the relationship.

Meanwhile during the course of our relationship, I also started seeing two other girls of which she is not aware. One of them I love so much but her character is not good, while the second one’s life style is nothing to write home about which makes her always demanding money from me.

The first one was never like this when we first met because then she was so caring and loving and this made me to develop love for her more than my girl of 9 years. But now her attitude has changed as I have noticed that she does not love me like she used do, and I still love her despite her bad character.

This girl I have been dating for nine years equally loves me even when she suspects that I have somebody else. Some times I don’t even bother to call her and now I am regretting my actions.

The one I love truly is misbehaving because she knows I love her so much while the other girl who loves me as much has a bad character and attitude. The girl I have been dating for nine years is everything a man desires in a woman, yet I have been finding it difficult to love her back.

But in my heart I am willing and ready to try and love her back, because I don’t want to loose the kind of love she gives me. Please I really need advice on this matter because I don’t know what to do.

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Tell her what you are going through


Love is a concious choice or decision to be good kind and caring to some one very special. Feeling of love is just like every other feelings that comes and go but the absent of this feeling should not be taken as not being in love. If u can be good kind and caring to ur partner all the time, the feeling of love will be always there for each other. God bless u.


l like this site

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