He Lied to me about Everything Now he Wants me to Forgive Him and Take Him Back

I am a girl of 22, a graduate and just finished my national service. There is a guy I met online 1 year ago and he is the first man that I have ever loved. I fell so much in love with him and he claimed that he loved me too. After some weeks of chatting online, we eventually met face to face and not long after started dating.

I meant it when I said I loved him, but I had a feeling that he was lying to me about certain things. We had been dating for 1 year and I never got to know anything about him or his family except what he told me. We used to meet in a hotel throughout all those times. He told me that he is a lawyer with his own firm, the only son of his parents and that he schooled overseas. He also said that both of his parents work in an oil company (with fat salaries) and that he is a Prince. In fact he claimed to have the whole world at his beck and call but I still had this strange feeling about him.

I wasn’t interested in his so-called money or law firm but all I needed was his love. He also said that he had a kidney problem and taht I should never leave him; and used that to continually extort money from me. Anytime I brought up the issue of at least knowing his house or friends, he got angry and in those moments I knew something was really wrong.

[sociallocker id=”1268″] He used to accuse me of cheating which is something I never did. He never cared about my feelings, hurt me at will and treated me like nothing. Anytime we had a  misunderstanding, He even threatened to leave me and go back to London. But despite everything, I just couldn’t leave him because I loved him. Instead I would end up being the one begging.

I later realized my worth and that I could not continue like that so we had a break up after I called him Fake. Two weeks later he called to tell me that it really touched him when I called him fake and that he is actually Fake that all wat he told me where lies, that he is from a very poor home and he didn’t even have the opportunity of going to school but the only thing he never lied about was that he Loved me and he didn’t want to lose me.

He said that why he lied was that he saw that my class was higher than his and he felt that if he told me the truth about his poor background then I would not agree to date him. He said that he was somehow jealous and felt inferior to me that was why he was treating me badly. That because he wasn’t at peace with himself was the reason why he couldn’t tell me the truth, and he wants me back or he will kill himself.

Now my question is if he really loved me, why did he have to lie about everything? I loved him and would have still accepted him any way he was. Back then I was always begging him to tell me the truth about himself so that I could help him but he never did.

Please help me because I am so confused now that I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I don’t know if he still has another thing that he is hiding because he covered up his tracks very well the first time. Should I forgive him (although that would be really hard)? Should I believe him and go back to him or Is he up to something again?



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