He Lost His Job after Helping me, Now others Want to Marry Me. Should I Leave Him?

sadcoupI am 26 years old, my partner is 30 and We have been in a long and loving relationship for the past 10 years. We started as close friends during our teenage years and eventually we fell in love. Today we are still together: not yet married but still very much in love.

We are both university graduates now. While we were in school, he also worked and schooled at the same time and he trained me all through my schooling with some of his salary. He paid for my books, fees, accommodation everything.

We were about geting married lately when he started having some problems with his job. Unfortunately, he eventually lost the job and is now starting all over again with no money and no job. Since that time I have been suporting him and stayed by his side trying to help him to get back on track.

The problem now is that I am having other suitors asking for my hand in marriage and I am confused. Sometime I feel tired to continue waiting for him to get back on his feet so that we can get married. Sometimes I find myself wondering if I should consider the other suitors. But we still love each other and promised to stand by each other so I am rally very confused and don’t know if I should keep waiting for him or let go.

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